F. A. Q.

Relocation may occur in any turn in the way of your life. Maybe more than one time. But it is assured that all the time, you can not comprehend the subject. Here is the use of someone professional, like Anjali packers and movers, to help you. Because for you it is one time but for us, it is many times and frequent. Thus we enhanced our experience. So the job seems hazardous to you, is peaceful and fun for us. To be at par with your thought, we are discussing a few questions that may arise in your mind while you are at the verge of relocation.

1. When to call a service provider?
Ans. We believe, failing to plan means planning to fail. We are a pioneer in this regard for our planning. Hence you are requested to call us at least one month before the date you decided to move.

2. Should everything take out from a closet or cabinets?
Ans. Yes, you should. In this way, you can bring out the important things which you will carry personally. And also the inside materials will be taken care of in a proper way.

3. When to inform your service provider organisations about your relocation?
Ans. Start applying for the same as soon as you took the final decision. Many of your service providing company may take a long period to update your status. Sometimes the financial institutions will not allow you to do so, till you start dwelling in your new location.

4. What to do in the rainy season while showers are frequent?
Ans. First of all, any relocation move is not advisable in the rainy season. But still, if it is unavoidable, ask your service provider, like Anjali packers and movers. We wrap the goods with waterproof materials which are prone to be damaged in the rain. Also, covered trucks can be used.

5. How to select the proper Packers and Movers?
Ans. It is the ultimate question. In today’s market, many amateur movers don’t have any experience in this regard. Sometimes fraud organisations may mess with your given money without giving you the service. In these cases, paper documents are hardly maintained. Even careers may demand extra money for loading and unloading.

So, always go for a recognised organisation like Anjali Packers and Movers to make it an authentic move. We strive to care.